Wavy Clip Ins
Wavy Clip Ins
Wavy Clip In extensions
Wavy Clip Ins $135.00
  • Cambodian Wavy
  • 6 pieces per set
  • Double tracked for thickness and durability
  • 1 set recommended for fullness to your natural hair length
  • 2 set recommended for fullness and length 
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Natural Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

A weft is a threading technique used to sew the loose hairs together by a machine to create a "track". This is the most common weft used especially for clip ins and weaving techniques. *Good stitching on a weft is important to reduce shedding.
We ship out Monday- Thursday. Processing time is 2-3 business days. Please allow 7-10 business days for sale products.
Of course, this is one of the advantages of wearing raw human hair. Once shampooed the hair will revert back to it's natural curls. Because this is raw hair, extreme heat can alter the curl pattern over a period of time.
Each bundle weighs 3.4oz

For a natural install lengths from 12-20" require two bundles, 20"-26" three bundles.                                                                         



Yes, this is one of the advantages of wearing raw hair. We recommend a licensed colorist when altering the natural color of the hair.
Unprocessed human hair cut directly from the donor scalp. No chemicals or synthetic mixes. All cuticles are in tact going the same direction.
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